I-580 Construction

hwy 580
Photo by RickC at Flickr

Construction on the I-580 freeway between Reno and Washoe Valley is marching on again, after a break of a year or so while a new contractor was found for the project. If you drive 395 up to Reno, you can see a lot of work going on in the hills above Pleasant Valley, as they cut into the hillside for the new roadway. But of course the most striking part of the project is the Galena Creek Bridge they’re building to the west of Pleasant Valley.

Rick from washoevalley.org went on a tour of the construction site last week, and put up several pictures on Flickr of the bridge construction. I used one of them at the head of the article; you can find the others by following these links: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7.

The Nevada Appeal also wrote three articles on the project this weekend. They must have taken the tour too.

I-580 project a beehive of activity
Freeway’s Galena bridge draws most of criticism
Residents, businesses see freeway extension as mixed blessing

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