Dining Guide Maps

I added something pretty cool to the Dining Guide yesterday. If you visit the listing for any of the restaurants (or most of them at least) and scroll to the bottom, you’ll find a map to the restaurant’s location. This is an interactive map, so you’ll be able to drag it around, zoom in or out to get a better sense of where in town the restaurant is, or even switch to a satellite picture to see the building itself.

I think this is pretty neat, and don’t be surprised if you start seeing more maps popping up on the site in the future.

Update, October 17, 2005: If you’ve been trying to look at the new maps in Internet Explorer, you’ve probably noticed you couldn’t load the page. Until today, the Dining Guide was only accessible through Firefox. But now IE can see the pages again.


  1. Scott,
    When I try to go to some of the restaurant listing, I get a message saying that “Internet Explorer cannot open the Internet site.” Then it gives the web site address for the link and it says “Operation aborted”.

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