Ryan Jerz today has a trip report and photos from a trip out to the Berlin-Ichthyosaur State Park in the middle of the desert. It’s not uncommon to find an old ghost town in the middle of the Great Basin, but it’s less common to find huge prehistoric fish fossilized into a remote hillside. At Berlin-Ichthyosaur you can see both!

Richard Moreno also wrote about Berlin-Ichthyosaur on his Backyard Traveler blog last spring.


  1. Oh No! One of our favorite places has been discovered! The state park is just far enough away to provide a cool weekend adventure and has a relatively lot of stuff to explore. The park and campgroung is at 7,000 feet so is cooler than just about any other Nevada destination in the summer. There are the fossils, the ghost towns of Berlin, Grantsville and Ione right next door, rockhounding and general “get away from it all” territory. The writer was kinda “ho-hum” about the remains of Berlin but this is one of the best examples of a “ghost town” in Nevada. History every where you look. Stay away. Save it for us! HaHa!

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