Carson City was treated to a pretty impressive snowstorm last night, and we woke up this morning to a blanket about six inches thick. That’s a lot for us; we usually don’t get that much. I bet the Xbox faithful down at Best Buy weren’t too happy about it.

Snow on Carson Street

But as the morning wore on, the few flurries of snow that were still coming down started to melt, and what had been a snowstorm slowly transformed into a rainstorm. And right now, in the afternoon, we’ve got a pretty good downpour going on out there. So all that pristine snow that fell last night is now being turned into a mushy pile of slush. And when the sun sets in a few hours and the temperature drops back below freezing, all that slush is going to become a crunchy mass of ice. So, should be a lot of fun driving tonight if you’re going to be on the roads.


Stay safe, kids!

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