Minden Centennial Historic Display

On July 2, 2006, The town of Minden celebrated its 100-year birthday with food and music in Minden Park. But for those who ventured across the street to the CVIC Hall, a historic display was set up giving a look back at the way Minden used to be.

Inside the CVIC Hall.

Since this looked like a very temporary exhibit, I decided the only way to preserve it was to photograph it and put it up online. So that’s what I’ve done here. You can browse through all of the displays they had set up, and clicking on any one of them will bring up a huuge version that should let you read all the text.


General views of town.

C.V.I.C and fire department.







Ice house and Minden Mercantile.

Wool warehouse and Crystal Confectionery

Minden Inn.

C.O.D. Garage.

Minden Dry Goods.

Minden Flour Milling Company.

Livery stable.

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