Views From the V&T in Mound House

Yesterday I took a long look at the new V&T depot site at Eastgate Siding, in far east Carson right next to Mound House. I also drove around Mound House itself to see some of the new track that was laid closer to the developed areas. Here are some photos:

These first two pictures look at the point where the new V&T alignment diverges from the original route. The tracks used to follow Red Rock Road through what is now the middle of Mound House. The new line goes around town instead. The old route is the dirt trail branching off to the left in the first photo. The unsignaled crossing in the second photo is I think an access road for a gravel pit.

The only actual grade crossing on the rebuilt V&T is at Linehan Road. They had to put in a full crossing signal with gates here to meet Federal requirements.

The bridge crossing Hwy 50 is finally all done and the construction cones are down. The bridge went up quickly; a crane lifted it into place in less than an hour. But it took months of preparation to get the support columns ready for the bridge to go up. Then it took more time afterwards to clean it up and make it look good.

Soon there will be actual passenger trains passing over these tracks and crossing the bridge. It’s about time!


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