Ground Broken for V&T Rail Bridge

News Carson City is reporting that they’ve broken ground on the railroad bridge that will carry the Virginia & Truckee tracks over Hwy 50 in Mound House. This bridge is a little bit west of the original alignment of the V&T, right at the peak of the hill on the Carson-Lyon county line. The bridge itself, if I remember the details right, is an old Union Pacific bridge out of Vegas that was donated to the V&T a couple of years ago. So all they have to do is built supports for it, then set the thing down over the roadway. Estimates are for the bridge to be in place by January, then the tracks will be laid across it next summer.

After that the project will be out of money, and the tracks will end somewhere in the brush above Pick N Pull. So if they want to go any further they’ve got to start raising funds soon. But at least the rails will be within spitting distance of Carson City, and conceivably the Grays could start running excursions to Mound House and back.

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