Three photos I found showing Hwy 395 through Indian Hills and the Carson Valley in 1984. You’ll notice that the road is still two lanes here. It wasn’t widened until a couple of years later. Compare the traffic you see here to what the road gets today.


  1. I remember 395 as a two-laner very well. I also recall how traffic on weekends would back up when someone southbound would attempt a left turn onto Stephanie. We bought our house near Stephanie & Vicky around 1990 – Wildhorse was just getting started. Even by then, 395 as a divided highway was heavily used.
    Thanks for the photo memory – I had no pictures of the old hiway.

  2. Both Stephanie and Johnson Lane left turn lanes were very short and very dangerous back then. They were not long enough to slow down safely from highway speed once you entered them and if you slowed down before you entered them you risked getting nailed by the car behind you on the highway. I was very glad when they lengthened them.

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