Poll Repeat

Either the Nevada Appeal has a short memory, or they think we have a short memory. Their online poll at the moment asks “Which local project do you think will finish first? The freeway, the Ormsby House, the V&T Railroad, or the Chinese Workers Museum?” If this seems vaguely familiar to you, it’s because they ran the exact same poll back in June. Well, it’s not exactly the same. That first poll didn’t include the Chinese Workers Museum. But still. Are they trying to get a recount, or did they genuinely forget they had already done this?

The freeway was is the clear winner in both polls, by the way. The first time it took home 36% of the vote, and this time it’s running away with 40%. So, yay for NDOT, I guess!

And as always, the Ormsby House came in third.

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