Carson City: The Board Game

So I can’t find too many details about Carson City: The Board Game. It seems to be brand-new, put out by a Dutch company QWG Games.

The year is 1858 in Carson City, Nevada. You have rounded up a team of courageous cowboys, and your plan is to buy up the best parcels of land in this new town, then build them up with the most prosperous ranches, mines, saloons, etc. You will need guts to challenge your opponents to duels in order to secure and hold the best properties. You will also need to recruit and use the help of the most interesting “personalities” in Carson City to aid your cause. The winner will be the most prominent citizen in Carson City, as measured by victory points that can be won both during and afer the game. At the end of the game all players’ belongings (money, buildings, parcels, mountains, houses) will be converted into victory points as well.

I’m not a big game player, but if any of you are it looks like it might be an interesting town-building/strategy game. More info at Board Game Geek. Preorder here for $47.99.

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