Construction Updates

Something I want to get into more with the site is keeping track of all the construction that’s going on around town, a quick peek at all the new buildings and houses that are going up. I’m already doing this with the Ormsby House, but I think that’s going to take another five years to finish. So I’ve got to branch out. I’m probably going to tinker with the format a bit as time goes on, but I’ve got to start somewhere.

So here are a couple of pictures from this morning. Work on the new showroom/warehouse of Western Nevada Supply is progressing nicely. The steel frame has been up for a while now, and now they’re putting up exterior walls.

This is located at the south end of town, right near the Clear Creek intersection where you turn to get to Costco. They’re building it at the corner of a huge empty field, but with the freeway on track to cut through that field in about four years, they’re looking ahead and betting on the extra visibility.

That was going to be my only update for today, but then I saw this. Dirt has been cleared on West 8th Street, at the corner of Nevada. It looks just perfectly sized for them to lay the foundation for a new house.

There used to be an old run-down abandoned place at this corner that they tore out a couple of years ago. Looks like they’re finally getting ready to replace it with something.

Remember, if you have a digital camera, don’t hesitate to take your own pictures around town and upload them to the site. Carson’s just too big for one person to cover!

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