Carson City Live

I just noticed that last month our local newspaper, the Nevada Appeal, started its first blog, Carson City Live. There’s not a whole lot there, about ten entries in the last month. Looks like they post about as often as I do!

But in their first post they lay down some good ideas (emphasis mine):

This is a two-way street. We hope that by opening up the news reporting process, our readers will see what it takes to produce the news you see here every day. Conversely, we look forward to all the comments and feedback we can get.

News should be a conversation, not a lecture.

It’s that last line that’s the money quote: “News should be a conversation, not a lecture.“ It looks like someone at the newspaper has been paying attention the last couple of years! They’ve also added a comment form to each of their stories, but I’m not seeing a lot of submitted comments. Maybe Carson City isn’t quite ready for the interactive web yet.

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