Karson Kruzers Car Show

Tonight I heard music wafting over the air downtown, so I followed it, like a rat following a piper. It led me to Arlington Square, where I found a few dozen classic cars gathered around for a Karson Kruzers car show. A band and a dance floor were set up in the corner, although as soon as I got there the band called it a night, and the cars started leaving one by one. So of course it was photo time, before the party broke up.

Go see them all.


  1. Arlington Square is the parking lot across the street from the Nugget. It’s actually called the “Nugget west parking lot”. But last winter when they put in the skating rink, they renamed it “Arlington Square” for the winter, in honor of the Arlington Hotel that used to be there.


    The name went away when the ice rink did, but I’m going to call it Arlington Square from now on just because it sounds better.

  2. Great idea Scott. There are a few other places around town that could use a new name… like the Ormsby?

  3. I just read in the Carson City Appeal, online version, that BJ has passed away
    just recently.

    I am truly saddened to hear this, as I have worked with this man since he first
    came to Cartoon City, and worked for and with us at Kustom Kreations, where I was
    I working also as a bodyman and painter for Jim Farcello at all two of his shops!
    First met Jim at Kraftwerks, then moved to him on Corbit street,(where BJ first showed
    up) then his place on Deer Run Road.

    BJ was indeed a talented metal bender, as well as a fine bass player!
    I could tell, as I was pretty good as well.
    Bass players are the BEST!

    My TOTAL and most sincere condolances to his wife and friends.

    I am now 2899 miles away, (NJ) but I try to keep in touch as much as I can.

    Again, BJ?
    You will never be forgotten.
    Be well.

  4. On another note.. it was ME that came up with the final name “Run what cha brung”!

    BJ was running it around with us all after work, and he thought up:
    “Run what you brung”.

    THAT was final and agreed upon.

    Butt, I said: “Ya know…I’m from Jersey. And Nobody pronounces words right, so spell
    it like ya really sez it! “Run whatcha brung”.

    BJ’s mind lit up like a candle, and for once… agreed wit me, like having an
    authentic Philly Cheese steak Sammich from Pats for the first time!

    The name STUCK!
    I am GLAD to have been a part of that “cha”!

    For those not in the know, when ya get a REAL Cheese steak in Philly, ya GOT to order
    correctly… For instance… “I wanna Cheese wit”

    That means the typical Steak Sandwhich wit(with) onions.

    I ride there every other month with the Hoodlems(internet bike group I met) and meet there
    to devour THE BEST!

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