Ten Years of Around Carson


10 years ago I had an idea for a website. It was based on a movement that was actually kind of new back then, creating an entire website dedicated to a town or neighborhood, completely focused on things that were happening in that local area. It was called “hyperlocal”, and I wrote a post called “Hyperlocal Carson City” outlining some of my ideas. Also at the same time the Nevada Appeal was starting up a blog, and actually beginning to allow comments on some of the articles. It was an exciting time, and I felt the time was right so I launched Around Carson. At first there were ways for anyone to sign up and post, and it was much more than just a blog. There were photo galleries, and restaurant reviews, and I really wanted to build a place where people from all over the community could come together and build a site based on the shared contributions of many people. That didn’t happen, and it turned out to be just me as the only contributor, with maybe 2-3 other people that would chime in a couple of times a year.

So eventually Around Carson became what it is now, a single-voice blog about history and photos of Carson City. Since I’m the only one working on the site, it kinds of waxes and wanes depending on my interest levels. Sometimes I’ll have a huge burst of energy and do a big bunch of posts, sometimes I’ll lose interest and the site will sit abandoned for a while. That’s what’s been happening lately.

But don’t worry, Around Carson is not dead. It’s just kind of neglected. I didn’t want the 10-year anniversary to pass by without mention, though. And hopefully I’ll find the time and interest to get back into posting here. I really like some of the threads I’ve latched onto by making posts here. It’s a good creative outlet and I don’t want to let go of it. I just hope that I’ll still have some readers left when I do start back up again.

Until then, I have been semi-active on the Around Carson Facebook page. It takes a little less time and energy to post on there, so I do it more often. I’ll post small snippets, or a photo from around town, or link to something interesting going on. If you haven’t been paying attention to the Facebook page, you should check it out.

And keep checking back here. We’re not dead yet, and there’s sure to be new posts someday! Thanks for 10 years, and here’s to many more!


  1. I have appreciated the posts and effort you have put into this site, even if the frequency of entries was less at times. I have learned a great deal about my birth city, and thank you!

  2. I was a kid from carson from 55-64,class of 64,but I always like to check your site,it keeps me grounded about what’s happening.Please keep alot of us out there in cyber space, grounded, we still like to hear about our our childhood home and our growing up memories! RCB

  3. Thank You for the wonderful photos and stories about Carson City. We’ve enjoyed your website for over 2 yrs and finally moved here a year ago. Gotta think your blog had something to do with it !

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