Fighting the Water

Well, it looks as if the area around the Northridge may finally be getting some relief. For the past couple of years, there has been draining problems over there. Everytime we get a nice storm, the crawl spaces become water-logged. This, apparently, has caused pretty significant damage to some of the homes over the years, and has even prompted some legal action.

Now, a solution seems to have came into site. Both seem to involve a special drain called a french drain. This basically is a pit that directs water away from homes. The size and specifications will, of course, depend on how often water accumulates in the crawl space.

And, for those residents who don’t like this solution, they can also accept an option of cash from the developer — around $7,700, to be exact.

This case was up in the Carson City District Court today. Results, I presume, are forthcoming. We’ll keep you posted if anything interesting happens.

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  1. I worked for Millard for a couple of years, the construction company that built those houses. I even worked in Mountain Park for a bit, doing things like installing sewer lines and raking the front yards so they looked nice when the inspector showed up. Bascially I was a shovel-leaner. Millard specialized in “low-cost” housing, and it showed in everything from the materials to the workmanship. They were having groundwater problems even back then, in 1995, as I can remember having to pump out a couple of crawl spaces. I’m not surprised to see so many people having so many problems with their Millard houses ten years later. I’m just glad I didn’t buy one; the company didn’t pay enough anyway!

    Millard’s building exclusively in the Dayton Valley now. The prices have doubled since I worked there, but I’m sure the quality is the same.

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