Why "Home Means Nevada To Me"

My family moved to Reno when I was 12 years old. My dad grew up in Carson City and knew Nevada would be the place for his family to settle down. After his tour in Viet Nam, we moved to Reno.

I would spend a few weeks during the summer with my grandma in Carson City. We would make daily trips to the Hot Springs where I would practice dog paddling and work on my summer tan. At the time our Governor was Mike O’Callahan. He too would spend a lot of time at the hot springs with a tan I would envy. My parents preached sunscreen, but I knew everything at that age. It was the first time I ever saw a person without a leg swim. I watched in total amazement because at my age I wondered why our Governor didn’t sink. He was strong and had a sincere smile and I remember thinking swimming must be good for you because he was in good shape. I believe I was 14 at that time. I loved growing up in Nevada and could sit here for a month sharing great stories. Note: Maybe I’ll start doing that.

This evening I read David LaPlante’s blog about his children loving Nevada. I guess that’s why I’m typing now, it brought a lot of childhood memories. The Nevada Day Parade was a family tradition. In the early 70’s trick or treating was held the day before the Nevada Day Parade. The parade was always on the 31st so Halloween was on the 30th. We would have bags twice as full coming back to Reno to trick or treat on the 31st.

My dad called yesterday, reminding me the parade will be one of the best because it’s a political year. It’s true, they usually are the BEST! Unfortunately, the University of Nevada Reno football game is today and our tailgate starts at 10a.m. This has happened before, I wish there were no games the last week of October. But the game will be great too celebrating our Texmex theme with friends.

Nevada Day weekend is a time to reflect how much we love Nevada. I love the blue skies, four seasons, fishing, chukar hunting, art events and just about everything about it.

These are some of the reasons ”Home Means Nevada To Me.”


  1. Great story but I have to disagree about the best parade is during an election year. IMHO it’s the worst. Half of the parade is nothing but politicians! We get enough of that on the street corners, in the newspaper and on TV. What a shame.

  2. I am trying to find a friend of mine. We lived in Carson City, Nevada in the 8th grade back in the 60’s. My name was Ethel Biersdorff, and her name was Sharon Miller. We were both new to Carson City that year, and both started the 9th Grade in the brand new high school, but then I moved. I lost contact over the years, but would love to find Sharon Miller, just to say thank you. Her family was very good to me. Sharon and I lived on her horses for a year or so. Her family had just built a new house in Kings Canyon. I have been back to Carson City and can’t even identify the house. I also knew a LInda Burnett. I know Sharon went out with a Burnett boy after I left, but can’t remember his name. I would just like to find Sharon Miller. If you or anyone you know could help me, I would be eternally greatful. My email is Mue1947@yahoo.com.

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