Halloween is on October 30th

I mentioned this six months ago, but it’s good to have a reminder. And the Nevada Appeal reminds us today: Halloween in Carson City will be celebrated on Friday, October 30th this year. This is to make room for the Nevada Day parade and celebrations on Saturday, the 31st.

It used to be this way every year, if you remember. But about 10 years ago the legislature decided to make Nevada Day a three-day weekend every year, instead of always having the parade and holiday on the 31st. So now it’s only the rare years when the 31st falls on a Saturday that we go back to the old ways. Like this year! So see you out there on the 30th. And if you’re looking for somewhere to trick or treat, I always recommend Mountain Street near the Governor’s Mansion. Click here to see why.

Anyone know, though, if the Carson Valley is following suit? In the old days Minden and Gardnerville held their trick-or-treating on the 30th as well just because they had close ties to Carson City. But what’s happening this year? Best to have candy ready both nights, I guess.

And yes, this means you can go to Reno on the 31st and collect two nights worth of candy. W00t!

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