New Blogs

Following links from Our Tahoe, I discovered a couple of new area blogs today:

Tahoe Girl

Tahoe Homes Blog

Firefighter Blog – not a local blog, but has a lot of coverage of the Angora Fire.

Also, I discovered a link to the Tahoe Transitions project, a rephotography project like my Then and Now articles. This one compares three views of a scene from Lake Tahoe: a historic picture from the archives, a rephotograph from last fall, and a rephotograph from the 1990s, taken from the book Stopping Time by Peter Goin. Our Tahoe has all the photo locations marked on a Google Map, so you can easily find a particular viewpoint. Or the official site is hosted at UNR.

The site’s builders curiously decided to show the three photos morphing into each other using a QuickTime movie, so it’s not the easiest site to navigate. And it crashes my browser. But it’s still cool to see another Then and Now project out there, even if I do get jealous and territorial every time I run across one.

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