The Great South Reno Casino Myth

So once again there’s been a new casino proposed for south Reno, at the Mt. Rose intersection. This seems to be a cycle, every three or four years a new plan for that land will pop up, and it will disappear just as quickly. I know that Sam’s Town had plans there in the past, and there have been other plans and billboards and “coming soon” signs going back to the 1980s. This time it’s Station Casinos with the master plan to develop the intersection. But, in an attempt to break the curse, this new plan is on the other side of the street, the southwest corner instead of the southeast.

Will this be the one? Is the time finally right for someone to build the long-fabled south Reno casino, and will their three-year timeline actually come true? No, it won’t. I’ve lived here too long, and seen far too many grand casino plan, especially for that intersection, to actually believe that it’s going to happen.


  1. Mark my words, this casino will be built. First of all, the area has/is changing drastically from what it was 10 years ago when Sam’s wanted to build a casino. The proximity to the new Summit Sierra Lifestyle Center is a big plus and Bass Outdoor Retailers has already signed on as a tenant for the new casino. In any event, I’ve got $20 in my pocket….care to make a bet?

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