Schat's Bakery is Open

After having signs up all summer, the new Schat’s Bakery in the Carson Mall is now open. I swung by this morning but the line was out the door and I didn’t really feel like waiting, so I skipped it for today. But glitzypursegirl on Flickr went yesterday and posted a little mini review:

way too small, not enough staff and only day old bread, the ovens are broken

I will go back and hope the line is not out the door again! also very little parking!

we wandered a bit in the carson mall…..and discovered that Schat’s has the oven fumes piped into the mall….since it smelled heavily of Cinnamon rolls and they have a whole wall of visible bakery in the works bread and such…….cool concept!~

So there’s a few bugs to work out, but we hope this bakery will last longer than the Sugarplum Bakery across the street, which made it about three weeks.


  1. Well Carson City Schat’s Bakery is a start-hopefully there will be other moves to Carson City -maybe a good meat store-where prime meat is sold regularly; Let’s not settle for “ordinary”.

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