1. Has anyone seen these out of the water? Any others photos of any, out of the water? What exactky are these? The dark ones look fake. But, I’m intrigued
    Thanks for sharing, and I hope to see and hear more about these

  2. You really expect us to believe that this isn’t a hoax? On the first dark one, you can see the supports, lanyards, outriggers, gills … whatever you want to call them. Of the “babies”, one can make out the distinctive grains that make it plywood and it looks like a peg attached to the chest sticking it in place in the water. Then the smiles and the eyes on the “adults” …

    Gay, stupid and retarded humor like this is why I left small town life behind!!

  3. I think most of us are glad that you *DID* leave small-town life behind, Jack. Without your infinite wisdom and exacting attention to detail, by golly I think the rest of us thought that a small army of Plesiosaurs had taken up residence in a local stormwater overflow pond. Thank goodness we have you to guide us back to the facts!

  4. I saw a flock of Nessies circling over head the other day thinking about inventing a Nessie call to bring them in and maybe Nevada will open a season on them bet there real good eating and you don’t have to pluck them.

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