Geocaching for Terrorism

Geocaching as a hobby seems to be getting more popular. It’s where you hide a small box somewhere in a tree or a bush, or under some rocks, and then put the exact GPS coordinates on the internet and other people go out and try to find it. It appeals to gadget hounds who love their GPS, to hide-and-seekers, and to hikers that like to have a goal when they’re hiking. But one fellow in Carson City found out that if you’re going to be placing your own caches, you need to remember a few rules. Be wary of putting them in populated areas, don’t look suspicious, and don’t make the box look like a pipe bomb.

This guy didn’t follow the rules, and as a result his cache got blown up by the bomb squad. Oops!


  1. I have a couple of ammo cans out in the back country myself serving as “geocaches”. It really is something you have to think about- placing objects in populated areas that could look like a bomb in this day and age. Most participants use film canisters or other small containers around town. Government areas such as parks may prohibit their placement also.

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