Stewart Indian School Audio Walking Tour

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I had the pleasure of being at the dedication of the Stewart Indian School Audio Walking Tour today. The tour is a series of plaques throughout the school’s campus. On each plaque is a phone number you can call to get the story of each particular location. If the cell phone option isn’t for you, there are also mp3 downloads on their website that you can grab ahead of time. While I was there, I grabbed a few videos explaining the tour and showing some of the festivities.


  1. I think the exciting part of this is that they did put the audio on their website for download by anyone. Carson City did the same thing with their Blue Line tour. This not only lets you preload the tour onto your iPod, it also lets you listen to it at home, which just might get you interested enough to take a trip out to Stewart, which you might not have done otherwise.

    The cell phone tour is a stroke of genius too, so if you head out to Stewart without knowing about the tour, or without doing your “homework” and downloading the files ahead of time, you’ll still be able to hear the audio. Kudos all around to Stewart for doing this!

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