Ormsby House Sign Is On

Remember 15 months ago when the Ormsby House installed a new marquee sign out front? And four months ago, when they finally turned on the lights on the sign at night? Now they have words on the marquee finally, advertising their Ormsby Club slot parlor on the ground floor of the parking garage.

I’m unable to get excited about the Ormsby House anymore. Since this place closed I’ve gotten married and had two kids, one of which started school this week. Maybe the hotel will open before he graduates college. I don’t care anymore. I’m over it. Here’s pictures.


  1. It was my curiosity about the Ormsby that led me to your site those many years ago when you first started posting. So there’s that. I check back now and again to see what’s happening in Carson City, the place where my grandparents used to take me every summer as a kid. So, thanks.

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