Ormsby House Renovation Photos – October, 2005

Not a whole lot happened in the month of October, but the few things that did happen were pretty major. Let’s go see what they did this month.

Early in the month this concrete pumping crane showed up on site and pumped some mud up to the roof, where the pool is located. Maybe they’re rebuilding the pool with new materials?

They also poured new curb and gutters along Carson Street, including the turnout for the valet parking. You can actually walk along this side of the road again, even though there’s not much of a sidewalk yet. It’s still dirt all the way.

The painting that had begun in September carried over to this month. Here is the south side of the parking garage, with the ugly FakeRock™ really standing out next to the white and gold paint. They’re also put a red awning over the windows of the Ormsby Club here, and on the east side along Curry Street.

And here’s the west side of the parking garage. The white paint was done, but the gold highlights had yet to be completed.

But the single most exciting thing to happen during the month of October was when they removed the barricades and finally reopened Curry Street. This poor street had already been closed and reopened once, and then closed again while they worked on the bridge. Now, with the bridge work finished, it was time to reopen the road, for what is hopefully the final time.

Sadly, if you refer back to this picture, you’ll see that the tree on the corner finally got the axe recently. I’m sure they’ll be putting in all new landscaping when they get closer to opening day, but they couldn’t have saved just one of the original trees?

Reopening Curry Street also gives us a better look at the mysterious hole, the only part of the outside wall that hasn’t been finished yet. What could it be for?

With Curry Street reopened we can also get this shot inside the mystery hole. There on the left you can see the original outer wall. On the right is the new wall they built, and in between you can see exactly how little interior work has still been done on the building. No matter how done it may look from the outside, they still have at least another year to go on this project.

Here’s another interor shot. This is the backside of the grand staircase, the one original feature that they left intact from the old Ormsby House.

From the top of the hill on Thompson Street you can catch this glimpse of the Ormsby House through the trees. The paint and outside walls are all done, but through the windows you can see that they’ve installed the vertical studs and little else. This means they’re actually working on building out the hotel rooms, but that they’re not very far along.

And here’s the new front door, underneath the portecochere. Still partly unfinished, and still left wide open so they can move equipment and supplies in and out with ease.

And with that, another month draws to a close at the old Ormsby property. With temperatures dropping and the days getting shorter, it’s time for just about all the work to move indoors. But there should be more good stuff coming along in November!

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