Fire Near Costco

I’m hearing about a new brush fire that just started along Hwy 50, near Costco in South Carson. I’ll try to grab some pictures of it on the way home.


2006-06-30 019

The fire is burning right off of Hwy 50 at it starts to climb up into Clear Creek. It’s mostly just smoldering brush, not a lot of flames, although these things have a way of getting out of control without warning. Crews are working on it, both on the ground and dropping retardant from the air. I don’t think this fire could get too much out of control, since this hill already burned a few years ago, and this is the only part left that hasn’t burned. Of course, the fact that the rest of the hill has already burned could make things worse. If the flames hit that cheatgrass, they could take off running.

2006-06-30 022

Hopefully they get it under control while it’s still small.

2006-06-30 017

Update: They took care of it quickly.

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