David Scott Killen Released

Lock your doors and park your cars in the garage, David Scott Killen is out of jail. You may remember David Scott Killen as the pleasant fellow who went on a shooting spree with a pellet gun in Carson City, shooting out several windows on Carson Street. And the window of a car stopped next to him at a stop sign. Or you may remember him from when he stole mail in Carson City, while awaiting trial for the window shootings. Or you may even remember him for a string of arson fires back in 2002. He spent time in prison for that one, but apparently not enough.

So now, this fellow who the District Attorney characterized as having “the emotional maturity of a malicious 14-year-old” is back on the streets. He was sentenced to a year in jail back in January, but served less than ten months. I guess we can take comfort knowing that he’ll be back behind bars again soon enough, but what havoc will he wreak this time?

Sometimes you need to throw away the key.

My favorite comment on the Record Courier story? “This guy is much like the one in the bowl that won’t go down…not even with a second flush.


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