Five Guys Burgers Coming to Carson

I guess it’s a good sign to see new retail going up, even if there are empty storefronts nearby. Some new construction is happening in the parking lot of the south Walmart, on the site of the old Mirastar Gas that was torn out some years ago. A little retail center is going up, looks like enough room for maybe three stores. One tenant has been announced; there’s a little sign with the logo for Five Guys Burgers. But the “For Lease” sign is still up too. I wonder if Five Guys will fill this whole space, or if they’ll be just one tenant in a little strip mall? I don’t know how big a Five Guys usually is.

It’s kind of a big deal to be getting a Five Guys. They’ve only just recently started spreading out West, but they are a big hit back East. They were a local chain in the Washington D.C. area until ten years ago, when they started franchising. After that they spread like cheatgrass. They now have 1,000 locations in the U.S. and Canada, and they’re adding dozens more every year. Just recently they came to California and they’ve been a hit there, but so far they’ve only invaded Las Vegas, not Northern Nevada. The closest one to us is in Sacramento. There may be one or two in the works for Reno too, in fact I’d be surprised if there wasn’t. It’s a little surprising to see Carson City getting one.

At first, the new construction here seemed unnecessary. Clear Creek Plaza and the Carson Valley Plaza across the street aren’t derelict, but there are still enough abandoned storefronts that I feel they should focus on filling those first before building more. But maybe it’s a location thing. These shops will be right next to the main road coming in, visible to everyone. That’s a valuable space, and it doesn’t make sense for it to have stayed empty this long. So maybe this will bring in tenants that wouldn’t have come if they were forced to be in some far off corner. A chain like Five Guys especially probably wants to be guaranteed high visibility, so it makes sense.

It’s also interesting that Five Guys would move in so close to In-N-Out, considering the rivalry those two chains have. Will it be a battle or is there room for both? The deal to bring Five Guys here was made back in January.

You can be sure I’ll be following this one closely!


  1. Checking out Carson City as I may be moving there soon.
    Re: In-n-Out v. Five Guys-no comparison. In-n-Out is all walk up or drive through (and yes, a guilty pleasure).
    Five Guys has more food selections and does have the In-n-Out tradition of customizing your burger. You can eat inside and-The bonus-while you stand in your sheep line you get to bag up as many roasted peanuts as you want FOR FREE!
    The first time I went ( my Grandfather’s rec)was in VA and at the time my husband and I lamented there were none in AZ. There are now three that I know of here-two in PHX and one in Scottsdale.
    Look fwd to more foodie news around town : )

  2. Nice to see, regardless. I’ve also seen activity where the old WM gas station was, would be super to have another (non crowded) place for gas in town. Also looks like Valero is almost ready to go at the North end of town, at the Save Mart. (They were testing the sign the other day, gas was showing at $88.88 a gallon.

    Anyways, I emailed FB burgers to get an opening date, they were, well, not confirming anything. Weird. This is what I got from them.
    Five Guys Burgers and Fries

    Hi Eric,

    Unfortunately our information doesn’t have an exact address as of yet. The location we are looking at is off of US hwy 395. Sorry we don’t have more info at this time.

    Best regards

  3. Five Guys ROCKS!! While their concept is very similar to In-n-Out my personal opinion is that they burgers and especially fries just taste better. Not a place to go if you have issues with peanuts as they have buckets about to snack on as you wait in line but still, I’m very much looking forward to them opening!!!

  4. In N Out is a shitburger compared to 5 guys and In N Out’s fries taste like they are made out of cardboard.

  5. Trust,

    In-and-out is going to be taking a big, BIG hurting once Five Guys moves in. Lived minutes from the original Five Guys in VA growing up. SO glad we are getting one here. Have no doubt, the east is bringing the most delicious greasy burger you’ve ever tasted. and for all the newbs – don’t ever get a large fry unless you have three other people to help you with it!!

    • Nicky. Who are you. I grew up in Alexandria as well and now live in Tahoe. I am pumped on five guys opening in Carson.

  6. Looks like all the Five Guys food experts like ‘Nicky’ were wrong..
    Nicky claimed in 2012-, “In-and-out is going to be taking a big, BIG hurting once Five Guys moves in.” In and Out is still booming–Five Guys is long gone…

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