Virginia City Hotel

This is a picture of the new hotel up in Virginia City. I finally broke down, and went to check it out. I don’t like it. I went inside to see if they were open for business, and if they had any rooms available. They were still working on the inside decor, hanging pictures in the lobby, and emptying boxes, but one of the ladies who works there was kind enough to show me one of the rooms. It is decorated in period decor with a lot of red velvet, and cherrywood furniture. The room I saw was very large, with a spa/tub in the corner and had a small fridge, and microwave. The room price was $250.00 for one night, during the Street Vibrations week-end.
I guess the building design is suppose to resemble an old mill or something, but it just doesn’t blend in. If Virginia City needed another hotel, why not build something to the standards of the old International Hotel?


  1. I’m not _that_ crazy about it… but I think they sure could have done worse. It does look like a building you’d find in an industrial district stretching back over a century — but I agree with you about making it look like the International.

    Bodes well for VC’s future though. A new V&T (whenever they get that done) and some lodging actually up on the hill, and VC’s fortunes could really turn around. I can’t wait to see what happens.

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