Carson Valley Recycling

Finally we now have curbside recycling pickup in the Carson Valley. We’re probably the last place to get it in Nevada. I think Belmont and Manhattan had curbside recycling before we did. Which is strange, because Douglas County has the highest per capita income in the whole state. I guess rich people don’t recycle. I don’t know. I only know that Douglas Disposal, our local trash pickup outfit, has never offered recycling.

So it was left to a start-up company, Carson Valley Recycling, to fill that need. Right now it’s just a husband and wife team, with one truck, serving the whole valley (or at least Douglas Disposal’s entire service area). Which is fine, because they only have 50 customers. But as their client base grows they’ll probably get stretched thin, and hopefully will be able to get more employees and more equipment. This is a service that I’d like to see succeed, and at $10 per month I’ll probably be signing up soon. Right now you have to take all your recyclables to a drop-off point yourself. The main one is at the old landfill out Pinenut road, and there are also drop-offs at many of the area schools. But usually doing that is such a pain that I don’t recycle glass and plastic, just paper and cardboard. Signing up for this service will definitely help out, and I urge all of you to sign up too. Both because recycling is the way to go, and also because we want to support this new company and make sure they don’t have to shut down.

Here’s a list of the items they’ll accept:

plastics #1 & 2 (these can be combined)
#2’s are usually colored plastics ( Tide&Downy and milk containers)
tin cans (canned soups, pet food, veggies, etc.) ~ not tin foil
cardboard (must be dry) (broken down if possible)
paperboard( cereal boxes, non-wax items, egg & milk cartons) (must be dry)
plastic grocery bags
dry newspaper (ads are accepted too)
magazines&catalogs (kept dry)

You can contact them by phone, at 775-267-6524, by e-mail at, or sign up on their website.


  1. Kudos to Carson Valley Recycling. I don’t understand why the county hasn’t encouraged this long ago.

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