Give Big Rigs Room

In the Nevada Appeal a couple of weeks ago someone pointed out how worthless and misused the new huge road signs on Hwy 395 south of town are proving to be. And there is no better example of that than this week.

The signs have been dark forever, but this week they lit up with a message. You’d think that with all the high winds we’ve been having for the last couple of days, combined with blowing snow and low visibility, there might be some kind of warning about road conditions, exhorting drivers to take care of the weather. What did the signs really say?

“Give big rigs room or risk a ticket”

So what is the point of these signs again?


  1. I see those signs with High wind warning on them all the time. I have also seen them with chain warnings for Washoe Valley on the few occasions over the past few years Requiring chains. These signs are also hooked up to the Amber Alert System.

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