Carson Freeway Construction

So it looks like work is finally starting on the next section of the Carson City Freeway. It has been 20 months since the first section opened in February of 2006. That’s 20 months where they could have been working on the freeway, but they weren’t. 20 months of wasted time. The Empire State Building was built in 15 months.

So this next section of the freeway will just travel across the Lompa Ranch from Hwy 50 to Fairview Drive, with an underpass at Fifth Street but no interchange. A straight shot across flat ground, less than two miles all together. For this amount of work it’s going to take them nearly two years to build. 350 working days, they estimate. Then the next section of the freeway isn’t going to even get started until this section is finished. This stop and start method is such a ludicrous way of building the freeway, but they seem to be proud of it.

Plus, how fantastic is it that they’re starting work in October, so they’ll get about three weeks on the job before it snows and they have to stop for the winter? Sometimes I think they want us to hate them.

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