Southerners Up North

Bob Moore wrote yesterday about this article in the Las Vegas Sun. The whole gist of the article is basically that we here in Carson City are a bunch of small town yokels with white picket fences in our front yards, and the legislators from Las Vegas can’t wait to go home. Underlying the whole thing is a thinly-veiled “Vegas should be the Capital” vibe. There aren’t even any metal detectors in the Legislature Building, for god’s sake! How do you live?

Basically it’s just more big-city-vs-small-town crap, easy to ignore. That the newspaper prints this kind of garbage just shows you why blogs are so popular. People are looking for an antidote to this kind of writing.


  1. What pushed my button was the comparison between the St. Charles and a meth lab. Right or wrong, you can’t pick on my town unless you live here (sort of like the relationship between a big brother and little sister).

    You’re right, though: the best way to deal with that kind of garbage is to ignore it. Shining a light on it only encourages others to copy him.

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