Another Carson City Trip Report

I love finding Carson City trip reports on the web, outsiders who visit our part of the world and proceed to tell their friends how cool/boring/weird we are. The latest one I found is from Little Music Boxes; they visited Reno, Pyramid Lake, VC, Carson, and Lake Tahoe. The whirlwind tour!

I didn’t take any pictures inside the capitol building since I didn’t know if it was allowed. We got to go inside the assembly room and we even walked right by the governor’s office. There was a huge statue of Sarah Winnemucca and we signed the guestbook with “Please legalize gay marriage!” as the comment. The guy who signed above us signed that the state should ban gambling. Sadly, I don’t know which request is more likely.

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  1. I graduated (well, got my diploma, I didn’t walk or throw my pasteboard cap) from Carson City High School in 1981, while having worked full-time at the Ormsby house. I started as a dishwasher, then advanced to sous chef assistant. I loved working there, and have been sad to see her closed up for so long. I just visited Carson over Labor Day, and hardly recognize my old familiar haunts. Much has changed, and reminds me once again that you can never go back.
    I look forward to the re-opening, although it would be a dream to be able to take over the operations of the place, move all my family & friends that want to contribute as staff into the upper floors, create a B.A.S.E. jumping platform from the highest turret, and turn on the neon lights. Food, music, dancing, gambling, shopping, weddings, original drinks and top-shelf service (did I mention conventions?_)
    Anyhoo…we were wondering about the deaths that have occurred at the Ormsby House over its history. I think there were some murders, death by cop, and one leaper suicide…

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