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New blog added to the blogroll: The Moser Family Blog. Based out of Gardnerville. If we don’t watch out, the number of bloggers in the Carson Valley is going to be in the double digits soon!

There have been a lot of new Reno blogs popping up too, but they’ve all been political and based around this year’s elections. I have such a distaste for political blogs that I can’t even get the motivation to add them to my blogroll. But I guess if I want to build a non-exclusive directory of Northern Nevada bloggers, I can’t leave them out. I’ll have to take a swig of whiskey and do it. It’ll only hurt a little.

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  1. I was surprised to find my blog on here! I guess the pressure is on to write good content! I write about politics at times, but I make sure my content is varied to cater to a wider audience. I like to write about family, food, social issues, politics, bicycles, health, friends…pretty much anything that I’m passionate about. Adding humor lightens some of the more serious topics. Blogging is a great way to share ideas and pictures, but it’s also fun to go back and read what you were thinking at a particular time. I really enjoy the Around Carson Blog, and perhaps I’ll contribute in the future!


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