Arby's in Minden…

I went to Arby’s in Minden last Friday and encountered the worst woman working the counter! I had brought my two sons, my niece and my in-laws in for a quick lunch before getting back to birthday party preparations. My son can be pretty hyper, but this day he was calm compared to his normal self – I was really pleased with him. As soon as we walked in the woman barked at us if it was “for here or to go?” She was huffing at Sam running around the dividing wall – I say running but more like a fast walk (nothing high speed). He was done before I could say anything about it, so I just ignored it. Then the woman behind the counter, obviously annoyed with us for taking so much time to decide, told my mother-in-law to tell the children to stop playing with the line divider things. My mother-in-law asked my niece and son to stop and they complied. I stepped up to order but before I could the rude woman was too bothered with my niece touching the line divider to take my order as said, “Could you tell her to stop that?” I took a deep breath because I was losing patience with this woman’s attitude. I told my niece to please stop and she did. I tried to order quickly but it was when my son picked up the cheap cardboard sign sitting next to the cash register to show me he wanted a juice box with his kids meal that sent the woman over the edge! Her eyes grew large as if he had just picked up something priceless and sucked in her breath to show her annoyance in the situation as she reached over and grabbed it out of his hands. I had it and took my sons and niece and left! My in-laws didn’t seem to understand as they had missed everything I was dealing with because they were looking and talking about the menu. I never did call in a complaint because I was so mad I didn’t want to sound like a nut job myself, and then after I returned home I had forgotten all about it while getting ready for the birthday party. Rude people should not be in customer service – the respect for the paying customer is widely forgotten. Watch out if you go to the Arby’s in Minden.

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