Cory Farley, Blogger

Long-time columnist Cory Farley was let go by the Reno Gazette-Journal last month. He accepted a buyout offer from the paper, and as of December 1 the RGJ has lost one of its unique voices. His final column is here, and a retrospective on his career.

Reno hasn’t lost his voice though, because as one of the first acts of his “retirement”, Cory set up a blog at (not, as his header suggests). He’s already going strong in his first week, with his usual mix of political posts and posts about how he didn’t realize retirement would involve so much housework. Hopefully he’ll keep it up.

But it doesn’t sound like he has much else to do. His new job is to be househusband to support his wife, who is a successful author with the Phantom Stallion series of books. Sounds like the kind of gig I’d like to have!

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