Window Shootings

Even small towns like Carson City aren’t safe from shooting sprees. Of course, ours involve pellet guns, not rifles, and shooting at windows, not people. But still.

Yesterday afternoon a couple of guys got it in their heads to go joyriding up and down Carson Street, shooting out windows along the way. They shot about a dozen windows, then an hour later came back and shot a dozen more. They were finally stopped in the Ranchos after one of the victims called in their license plate number. Amazingly, only the driver was arrested. His passenger was free to go. I’d love to hear what evidence the police have to convince them he wasn’t involved.

The driver, who was arrested, is a convicted arsonist who was just paroled from prison last August. So much for rehabilitation, I guess. I suppose we’re just lucky he decided to only go after windows this time, and not return to his firestarting ways.

Update: I posted a few photos of the broken windows.

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