Restaurant Closings

The restaurant mortality rate in Carson City is rising rapidly. Of course the Station Grille closed last year, and last month the Mr. Pickles at the North Carson Crossing center closed. This sub shop closed once before already, and reopened just last year. Now it’s gone again.

Then the news came out that the Sizzler in north Carson had closed. That restaurant has been open ever since I moved here in 1985.

And now the latest casualty is the brand-new Carson City Chili’s, also in the North Carson Crossing near the CC Wal-Mart. Their business just hasn’t been as brisk as they expected since they opened in 2007. Every time we go there it’s always pretty empty. Of course, we usually don’t go there, we go to the Chili’s at Topsy Lane in Douglas County. And I’m sure everyone else does the same thing. I think what we’re dealing with here is that Carson City just couldn’t support two Chili’s, and it was probably silly for them to open the second one. Now it’s gone.

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