Halloween 2004

Nevada is notable for every year having trick or treating at the Governor’s Mansion. And most years the governor is actually there handing out candy on the front porch. So this year, even though we voted against this governor twice, we thought it would be an experience to brave the line and trick or treat at the Governor’s Mansion.

The Governor’s Mansion is decked out every year.

Taxed to death?

In all, it was about a 45-minute wait, longer than many of the lines at Disneyland. They had a long snaking queue set up in the driveway, and Capital Police guiding traffic to make sure nobody got out of place. There were zombies and devils roaming the grounds, and songs like “Ghostbusters” and “Thriller” being played over the loudspeakers.

Satan plays with his dolls. Raggedy Andy is just about to sell his soul to get into Raggedy Ann’s pants.

Going to see the Governor? I thought this was Space Mountain!

“Here sleeps Jim Dandy—He choked on a chunk of Halloween candy.”
It sure ain’t Suess.

We finally made it to the head of the line, and had our thirty seconds with Governor Kenny. That’s the Gov in the orange parka, and Viola and Sammy on the left. Keirra is the teddy bear, and the other two kids are her friends. The hippie is not me, that’s the other kids’ dad Rich. And no, that’s not a costume. He always looks like that.

It’s rare to actually see the Governor in the capital city. 95% of the time he’s in Vegas.

The area around the Governor’s Mansion is the ritzy historic part of town, and some of the houses decorate pretty extensively for Halloween. See the Halloween 2005 article for more on the other houses.

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