Douglas County Website

Douglas County has launched their snazzy new website this week at It’s a nice looking site, it just could use a couple of tiny tweaks in font size, margins and white-space (as could mine, I know). It’s split into sections like “Living”, “Working”, and “Doing Business”, and it has links to country departments, town websites, and the Chamber of Commerce and Visitors’ Authority.

On the technical side it’s an odd mix of modern techniques like <div>s and stylesheets, alongside nasty stuff like nested tables and <font> tags. It does fairly well in the validator, but with 69 errors (some of them minor) they still had a lot of polish to do before they should have launched it. We’ve also got stuff like this:

<META content="MSHTML 6.00.2800.1543" name=GENERATOR>

Which, never mind the incorrect use of capital letters in the element name, and the curiously missing quotes around the name attribute, also tells us that at least part of the site was created in…MS Outlook? A web-based editor? Something not kosher, I know that. Which could explain a lot of the problems. This code has not been looked over very much by human eyes.

It’s a good site, an advance over what they had before, but it still seems like the product of some internal team that doesn’t have a terrible lot of web experience.


  1. I completely agree with your assement of the site. It’s decent enough (although broken in FF…), but the code is a bit messy…


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