International Hotel

I was rooting around my other website‘s archives when I came across this story from a few years ago about the old International Hotel in Virginia City. There was also a link to a Nevada Appeal article about the hotel. The article pre-dated Around Carson, so I thought I’d dig it out and bring it to light again.

This International was actually the third International Hotel in Virginia City. it was built in 1876 after the previous International had burned to the ground during the Great Fire the year before. This third hotel was bigger and more opulent than any that came before, boasting six stories, 160 rooms, and the first elevator in Nevada. It couldn’t escape the Curse of the International forever, though. This hotel also burned to the ground on December 12, 1914.

I’ve also created an article on Carsonpedia about the International Hotel. Hopefully I’ll one day be able to write articles like this about every historic building in the area. I also found a bunch of old pictures of the hotel and added them to the Western Nevada Historic Photo Collection. You can see them all here. I especially like this picture taken in 1866, the only one that I’m aware exists of the second International Hotel, that burned in 1875.

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