Dining Guide Progress

When I last posted about the Around Carson Dining Guide, it contained an embarrassingly-small three (3) entries. But I’ve been spending a little time working on it, and I’m now up to 17. So, I feel a little bit better now about that part of the site. I added quite a few entries just today, including:

Wherever I can, I’m taking pictures of the restaurant and collecting menus. Most of the menus are the take-out kind that they give you at the front counter, scanned in at 200 DPI. But in a few cases (like Barone & Reed) I’ll be stuck just photographing a regular menu and coverting it to PDF.

I’m not even scratching the surface of how many restaurants there are around here yet, but the site is not such an embarrasment anymore. And, it’s actually starting to get picked up in Google for a few of the entries. And since this site still has a page rank of approximately zero, that shows you how desperate Google to find a link—any link—for that search term.

The next step is to set up reader reviews for all the restaurants, but that’s going to take a bit of programming, I’m sure.

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