New Kinkead Park

Last year the Kinkead building was finally demolished, 40 years after being built and after 10 years of being condemned because of faulty construction. At the time they promised that the muddy scar that was left behind after demolition would be converted into a park. They were true to their word, and as of the end of July the new park is open to the public.

There’s nothing special about the park. They were able to save many of the trees from before the demolition, so those ring the block. A bit of grass has been laid down here and there, and a couple of picnic tables. The rest of the Kinkead scar is covered with sand, with bushes and a few new trees planted.

This park basically lives up to the promise of not leaving the Kinkead site a disaster zone after demolition, and not paving it over to be another parking lot. They’ve done a minimal amount of work, but really they could have done nothing so even this much is appreciated. I know there are plenty of other empty lots around town that look a lot worse. So overall it’s a good addition to downtown, even if the location is a little out of the way, and there’s another grassy park with mature trees right across the street. It’s still a positive thing.

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  1. Looks really nice, maybe some time, to make it MORE of a park, like at a couple or so of the other ones arounds carson, you can maybe put in something for the kids like a swingset or something like that to actually fill in that open area a bit, now I know that those rocks were probably brought in a placed in their approitite spots but those greeen bushes, were those installed as well or have those grown out of the ground naturally???????

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