Fairgrounds Parking Lot

Part of the deal to build a new Bodine’s Casino at the corner of Carson Street and Clear Creek was for the developer to also donate about a million dollars worth of improvements to the Carson City Fairgrounds right next door. So far, these “improvements” have consisted of razing the old rodeo arena and leveling the ground. And, now, building a brand new parking lot on the site.

I’m sure the new arena will be coming later. But it’s just funny that they built the parking lot first. Especially since they’ve already said they be using this parking lot for overflow parking on occasions where the casino is especially full.


  1. I love parking lots. Especially big ones with nothing to park for. And preferably with only one, at most, two ways in our out onto a narrow road. Is this one like that? Cause if so that sounds exciting. Especially with that hillbilly casino next door. Hoooooo WEEEEEE!


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