Carson City Freeway News

News Carson City brings a couple of news tidbits on the progress of the Carson City Freeway. First he reports that Phase 2A of the freeway, between Hwy 50 and Fairview, should open in just six weeks or so. They’re shooting for the end of July, beginning of August to hold the ribbon-cutting and allow cars on that stretch of the freeway for the first time.

Secondly, there’s news about Phase 2B (which by this time should be considered Phase 3). NDOT says they’re not even remotely ready to start on Phase 3, and it will probably be years before the last section of freeway is open all the way to the Spooner junction. But, as early as next year, they could start working on the bridges at Koontz and Clearview. These two streets are going to be carried over the freeway, since the freeway at that point will be slightly below grade. This means that Koontz and Clearview, where they meet Edmonds, will need to be closed, torn up, and rebuilt as bridges over the freeway right-of-way. If they follow through with this plan, we could see them working on the bridges next summer so that when Phase 3 does get underway, they’ll have that much less work to do to finish it.

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