One of Our Emus is Missing

This seems like something that should have been an April Fools joke, but it looks like it’s not. The Record Courier has been reporting this week on a wild emu, running loose around the Carson Valley. It kept popping up in various places around the valley, in Johnson Lane and in town. A group went out to capture it near Minden Elementary School, but the bird was too quick for them and got away. The paper put footage of the emu on YouTube, seen here eluding escape.

So the emu was finally caught yesterday, out at the Bently ranch. It’s being sent to an animal sanctuary while they try to track down its owner. If no owner is found, Old Man Bently might just adopt it himself.

Makes you wonder what else is loose in the hills right now.

Update: The owner came forward. The emu got loose when a fence blew down.


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