Gonna Get Cold

So they’re talking about another storm coming in this week? And more snow? I’ll believe it when I see it. Living here in the rain shadow of the Sierra is an exercise in disappointment; every time you think you’re going to get some rain or some snow, the storm ends up sputtering out just as soon as it reaches us. Like our “big storm” last week, which left a snowfall measurable in millimeters.

But they say there will also be a cold front moving in, and that I can believe. We’ve had an unseasonably warm winter so far, down to the fact that most days this year you’ve been almost able to get away with going outside in short sleeves. The sun is downright hot, and I think there was one day that I almost, but not quite, had to turn on the air conditioning in the car to cool things off. I think I did crack a window.

So we’re overdue for some bone-chilling cold and single-digit nights. They won’t be welcome, but they’ll be expected, and in a way it will be a relief to finally get a hint of winter. If only to break the suspense. And I’m glad there won’t be any snow to go along with it, because there’s nothing worse than when you get snow inches of snow, and then it freezes rock solid and you have to live with three weeks of crunchy ice.

And me writing this guarantees we’ll wake up to eighteen-inch drifts.

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