Diane Cohn

One of our own Northern Nevada Bloggers, Diane Cohn of the Reno Realty Blog, got a full feature article about her in the Reno Gazette Journal last week. And the article isn’t even about her blog, but about her real estate podcast. Which I knew she was doing, but haven’t listened to yet.

The article goes into a little more detail about why she’s so gung ho about blogging and podcasting: she used to work for Apple. So she’s not just another Realtor who’s try to learn about this web stuff; she was a web geek first, before she got into real estate. Which explains why she has a really good blog and an in-depth website as her online presence, and other Realtors have sites like WeLoveCarsonValley.com.

One of the most interesting concepts she’s introduced me to is shared vacation ownership, where you go in with three or four other people to buy equal shares in a vacation home at Lake Tahoe, and then work out a schedule to share it throughout the year. It’s something I’ll definitely keep in mind after we move to Seattle and want to come back to visit the Tahoe area.

And hopefully Diane keeps up her blogging and her podcasting for a good long while, and the article enourages other people to start doing their own. There’s always more room in my Northern Nevada Bloggers list!

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