Wanted: Recipes & Photos for Main Street Gardnerville's Heritage Cookbook Project

Press Release: Main Street Gardnerville’s latest fund-raising project is to develop and publish a Gardnerville Heritage Cookbook. This book will be much more than just a cookbook. It will contain copies of photos and original documents as well as diary excerpts, store or business ledger pages, newspaper articles and many other items that will retell Gardnerville’s past. If your family has owned a business or lived in Gardnerville for two or more generations, you can be a part of the retelling of Gardnerville’s history.

Gardnerville Families Heritage Cookbook Criteria

  • A family member must have owned a business in downtown Gardnerville or been a resident of Gardnerville for at least two or more generations (approximately 50 years.)
  • Recipes, photos, and original documents (such as property deeds, diary excerpts, store or business ledger pages, bill of sale, newspaper articles, post cards, letters, family trees, household or business bills, hotel bill, menu from the family restaurant, etc.) must have been created and/or handed down by at least a second generation family member. They can be in the original hand of the cook, written in another family members hand or they can be in print. A history of how the recipe was developed or a fond memory associated with the recipe could be included.
  • Photos can be of the family business, the family home, family members or an event.
  • Other items of interest: hand written memos, stories about your family such as how they came to the area, how your parents met, a fond memory of your childhood.

The purpose of this book is to create a history of Gardnerville, of its residents and their families. We want a person to be able to get a feel for what is was like to live and work in Gardnerville many, many years ago.

Contact Paula Lochridge at plochridge@mainstreetgardnerville.org or (775) 782-8027 to make an appointment to bring your contributions into the office or to make other arrangements. Any material that is submitted will be copied or scanned into our files and returned. Feel free to call us with any ideas, comments or questions regarding this project. We look forward to being able to share our heritage cookbook with each other and with those that come to visit our town.

The Main Street Gardnerville program is part of the National Trust for Historic Preservation and is the only one like it in Nevada. Visit www.mainstreetgardnerville.org for more information about the local organization or to connect to the national website. Main Street Gardnerville is a non-profit corporation and an equal opportunity provider.

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